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Since lots of people have asked, yes, there WILL be concerts in 2008. Enjoy them while they last.

Via Curbed:
McCarren Pool will get a $50 million overhaul starting at the end of the year. "Preliminary designs" were presented by Rogers Marvel. Here is a summary: the new pool will cover almost 70 percent of the space of the old one--significantly more than had been expected. The pool will be able to handle about 1,500 people. It will wrap around a concrete area that will just into the middle of the space in a U-shape. Architects are calling this area "the beach," as it will have water on three sides. The diving pool, which has been filled in, will be rebuilt. (There is also a long-term plan to rebuild the wading pool.) In the winter, some of the space will be used as an ice skating rink. One of the big existing structures to the right of the entrance will be converted to community space. The building on the left will be turned into a gym. There's also talk of putting a cafe atop the main entrance building. The rebuild means the end of big concerts at the pool, although the space could be used for some performances in the spring and fall when the pool and/or ice rink are closed. Come the end of summer '08, it will be time to kiss concerts at McCarren Pool goodbye.
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